State Christmas Ornament - Wood Ornament Featuring State Flag, Map Silhouette, and Santa Claus

Cranberry Collective

Regular price $ 9.99

Celebrate your favorite state year after year with this festive Christmas tree ornament!

► UNIQUE HOLIDAY DECOR: Each ornament features an original graphic that brings together Santa Claus, the state flag, a state map silhouette, and a banner with stylized Merry Christmas text. This festive design is printed on both sides of a 3” by 3.5” birch wood disc that we stain ourselves. Colors burst off the wood thanks to our use of ECO-UV ink in the printing process and LED lamps to cure the ink. A hand-tied black nylon cord hanger is threaded through a hole above the graphic so that each ornament can be placed on your Christmas tree immediately.

► PERFECT GIFT FOR ANYONE: Do you have a friend or family member with local roots who now lives somewhere else? If so our ornaments are a great way to let the recipient know that someone in their home state loves them.

► HANDMADE IN THE USA: Quality is assured since we design, manufacture, and ship each ornament ourselves.

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