Dog Christmas Ornament - Vintage Style Featuring Puppy and Wrapped Gift

Cranberry Collective

Regular price $ 9.99
  • Unique 3” x 3” acrylic Christmas tree ornament with an adorable dog design
  • Original graphic features a cute puppy popping out of a wrapped Christmas gift
  • Festive and colorful design is printed on one side of a flat, acrylic disc using ECO-UV ink and cured with LED lamps
  • Our holiday ornaments easily fasten to your Christmas tree thanks to black nylon cord hanger
  • Makes a great gift for dog moms, dog dads and all dog lovers

Celebrate man’s best friend year after year with this adorable Christmas tree ornament!

► UNIQUE DOG DECOR: Each acrylic ornament features an adorable puppy popping out of a wrapped Christmas gift. This festive design is printed on one side of a flat 3” by 3” acrylic disc with ECO-UV ink and cured using LED lamps. A hand-tied black nylon cord hanger is threaded through a hole so that each ornament can be placed on your Christmas tree immediately.

► PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY DOG LOVER: This pup-tastic ornament makes a great addition to the Christmas tree of any dog family.

► HANDMADE IN THE USA: Quality is assured since we design and manufacture each ornament ourselves.

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