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Massachusetts Christmas Ornament With Custom Entering Sign Graphic

Cranberry Collective

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This personalized Christmas tree ornament is the perfect tribute to the great state of Massachusetts!

► UNIQUE MA DECOR: Each acrylic ornament features a customized version of the iconic Entering signs that appear in every Massachusetts city and town. Use the customization tool to add the city, town, village or other location of your choice to the Entering sign graphic. This festive design is printed on one side of a 3” by 3” acrylic disc with ECO-UV ink and cured using LED lamps. A hand-tied black nylon cord hanger is threaded through a hole above the graphic so that each ornament can be placed on your Christmas tree immediately.

► PERFECT GIFT FOR ANYONE: Do you have a friend or family member with Massachusetts roots who now lives somewhere else? If so our ornaments are a great way to let the recipient know that someone at home loves them. Custom Entering Sign ornaments are also perfect for those who will be spending their first Christmas in a new state.

► HANDMADE IN THE USA: Quality is assured since we design and manufacture each ornament ourselves.

Be sure to let us know the name of the town, city or other location you'd like us to add - this can be done via the "City, Town or Other Location" text box above.

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