Custom Bottle Opener for Elinor S.

Cranberry Collective

Regular price $ 29.95

► This handcrafted wall mounted bottle opener with a mason jar bottle cap catcher is the perfect functional and decorative gift for your favorite beer drinker!

► This custom opener features an Entering Poppa Ger's graphic printed on a stained plank of mountable wood that is approximately 14" tall, 5.5" wide, and .75" thick. We use the Piezo method to print the graphic; the colors are vibrant and bold thanks to our use of ECO-UV ink in the printing process and LED lamps to cure the ink.

► A vintage “Open Here” cast iron opener is fastened by wood screws to the top of each wood plank to separate cap from bottle and create a classic rustic decor look.

► An easily removable Ball mason jar is strategically attached to the bottom of each wooden plank to serve as a bottle cap saver. Held in place by a ring of galvanized steel, the mason jar holds up to 70 caps and slides in and out when the contents need to be emptied.

► Pilot holes have been drilled into the top and bottom of every beer opener board and two wood screws are included with purchase so that your bottle opener can be easily mounted. Install one next to the fridge in the kitchen or mount one in the garage, basement, man-cave or entertainment room.

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