Bat Halloween Clam Shell Dish | Jewelry Dish - Spoon Rest - Soap Dish

Cranberry Collective

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This limited edition bat clam shell dish from Cape Cod is perfect for Halloween decor fans! Each hand painted bat dish functions as a spoon rest, soap dish, jewelry holder or catchall.

SPOON HOLDER: This bat shell dish makes a great spoon rest – the resin finish ensures that excess food or liquid can be easily wiped away with a damp paper towel.

SOAP BOWL: Each bat themed clam shell is approximately 6” by 4.5”, just the right size to use as a kitchen or bathroom soap dish.

JEWELRY DISH: Place the bat shell bowl on your bedside table and it becomes a whimsical jewelry holder / ring dish.

TRINKET DISH: Halloween decor with dozens of functional uses! Use it to hold car keys, the kitchen sink sponge, coins, golf tees, used tea bags…the possibilities are endless!

So how do we make these nautical treasures? We start by collecting huge sea clam shells from our favorite Cape Cod beach at dead low tide. Each shell is then cleaned, painted, and finished off with a layer of two part epoxy resin.

While each clam shell dish is approximately 6" by 4.5", please keep in mind that the dimensions of these natural wonders are subject to slight variations.

Looking for a different color scheme or graphic? Just send a description to and we'll customize as requested!

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